Exploring Efficiency: Single vs. Multi-Objective Optimisation

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Podium5 Enhances Efficiencies Through Strategic integration of T-VOS

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Stratum Five, following their recent acquisition by PoleStar Global. The collaboration comprises of the integration of our T-VOS solution to Stratum Five’s Podium 5 platform.

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Building Blocks of Next Generation of Voyage Optimisation

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Value and Advantages of Multi-Objective Voyage Optimisation Solutions

Join us and learn about how leveraging artificial intelligence in voyage optimisation leads to enhanced efficiencies and decision making, increased safety and substantial reduction of the carbon footprint as well.

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The Paradigm Shift: Evolution from Weather Routing to Voyage Optimisation

Join us on a journey through maritime evolution from weather routing to the next generation of voyage optimisation. In this article, we delve into the story of technological evolution that allows us to the unlock latent value in every voyage.

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Greater than the sum of its parts: merging green technologies

We are thrilled to share this illuminating article by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects highlighting the sustainable power of T-VOS in reducing emissions and costs across maritime

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New Partnership Agreement with Syroco

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Syroco. This announcement with Syroco further cements our commitment to driving innovation in the maritime industry

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Strategic Patnership Announcement with Bogerd Martin

We introduce this unique partnership with BOGERD MARTIN, marked by the integration of our cutting-edge voyage performance optimisation engine, T-VOS™, into Bogerd Martin’s Chart Track Navigator Suite

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Strategic Patnership Announcement with Blue Wasp Marine

Blue Wasp Marine and Theyr Launch Strategic Partnership to Integrate High Fidelity Vessel Models and to Refine Business Analytics and Voyage Optimisation for Wind Assisted Vessels.

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Charting a Course to Success

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Submergence Group Drives Voyage Optimisation for Autonomous Vessels in Collaboration with Theyr

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Spire Global partners with Theyr on maritime weather data

Spire and Theyr announce a unique partnership for integrating weather data and distributing the T-VOS Weather and Voyage Optimisation engine.

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Euronav implements T-VOS™ multi-objective voyage optimisation engine in FAST platform

The integration of this multi-objective voyage optimisation engine, together with improved and continuous updated dynamic performance models of the vessels, allows for better routing optimisation and - inherently, an improvement of sea passage time, and/or fuel consumption.

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Euronav Drives Voyage Optimisation in Collaboration with Theyr.

The future of maritime is powered by strategic relationships. Theyr proudly announces a new collaboration with Euronav in which Theyr’s voyage optimisation engine has been integrated into Euronav’s Fleet Automatic Statistics and Tracking (“FAST”) platform.

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UK delivers next-generation voyage optimisation solution for the commercial shipping industry.

T-VOS is a high-performance voyage optimisation solution, capable of solving the challenges of the industry by utilising the very latest advances in A.I.

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Theyr at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Theyr proudly announces its partnership with the British Sailing Team and head meteorologist Simon Rowel for this year’s official daily briefings on the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

On these significant occasions, every detail of the preparation matters. To contribute to success, our technical team is providing our signature ultra-high resolution race model. This is utilised as part of the official daily briefings this year. Our race area modelling has been a recognised choice of professionals in the past decade for ensuring that racing advantage on sea.

We are wishing the best of luck for all teams competing this week in the Enoshima Yacht Harbour.

Photo by Ocean Images

Appointment announcement: Dr. Adam Sobey joins Theyr

Theyr is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Adam Sobey as a non-executive director.

Dr. Sobey is an Associate Professor at the University of Southampton (Maritime Engineering group), co-lead of the Marine and Maritime group in the Data-Centric Engineering programme at the Alan Turing Institute and associate editor at The Data-Centric Engineering Journal.

Theyr and Dr Sobey’s team have been working together since 2019, developing Theyr’s Voyage Optimisation Solution (T-VOS) as part of the ‘Space Research and Innovation Network for Technology ’program.

Dr. Sobey will continue to provide his significant academic and industry knowledge to Theyr in his role.

“I’m excited to be part of Theyr’s team and to continue to assist in the development of the T-VOS platform, which has already demonstrated significant potential bunker, time and TCE cost savings for shipping companies compared to existing technology. This disruptive technology will ensure companies are better equipped to meet both their business and environmental challenges in the 21st century„

'Theyr' A.I. industry platform answers Shippings’ environmental challenge.

Together with some of the leading maritime A.I. scientists in the country Theyr has developed the first A.I. driven platform for voyage optimisation solution providers.This leading-edge technology, industry benchmarked, will ensure that optimum results can be achieved.

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Theyr for a greener future!

Theyr is collaborating with SPRINT partner, the University of Southampton on the development of an industry-leading marine vessel routing application that will enable a cleaner future for commercial shipping.

The SPRINT project will focus on the real-time exploitation of space data used in the development of voyage optimisation solutions for commercial vessels.

The project combines the very latest in high fidelity Met-Ocean forecast data with leading edge genetic algorithms to create a route optimisation module that will produce the most efficient routes for vessels and reduce GHG emissions.

The University of Southampton will provide Theyr with expertise in best-in-class genetic algorithms and optimisation to exploit increasingly higher fidelity satellite data. Theyr will also use the University of Southampton’s IRIDIS5 supercomputer, the UK’s largest academic supercomputer to speed up the verification process.

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Peter Mantel to join Theyr

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Mantel as a Non-Executive Director.

In his role he will be defining and implementing the commercial shipping strategy offering Theyr’s unique High Fidelity Met Ocean Data and Optimisation Services that will drive the digital transformation in shipping.

Mr. Mantel brings a wealth of experience to Theyr, he previously pioneered the transformation from paper to electronic chart navigation as a Director and Shareholder of Transas Marine Ltd. and continues to be heavily involved driving digital change in the maritime industry by promoting high frequency on board sensor data collection solutions instead of traditional yet limited noon-reporting solutions.

Special race area available for the 2019 Rolex Fastnet Race!

Access the data through your subscription and use it as a key component for a successful sailing campaign.

Theyr perfected its data to fit your needs and help you achieve the best results on water.

The Premium plan for the English Channel will include a further nested model (0.008°).

Available via the Raymarine MFD (LH3), Expedition Navigation Software, and Theyr GRIBview apps.

The Round the Island Race is finally here!

Raymarine is this year's official technical partner again, and will once again team with leading marine meteorologist Simon Rowell to deliver the pre-race weather strategy using ultra high-resolution Theyr weather and ocean forecasts.

Notice to all competitors:

The essential Raymarine weather briefing:
Friday 28th June 2019 at 18:00hrs
Race Day - Saturday 29th June 2019 at 07:30hrs

The team at Theyr would like to wish everyone good winds and an unforgettable experience.

Theyr weather for the Round the Island Race!

Theyr have proudly provided the weather forecast data for the RTIR alongside Raymarine.

Our GRIBview app is now available on Raymarine new Axiom MFD range. We are the first app to provide a direct download of high-resolution GRIB data to the MFD. Yes, the very first!

Theyr have a proven track record of providing high-quality marine forecast data on a Global basis. From Gold medal Olympic sailing teams to Transatlantic race winners, our forecasts have a proven pedigree. This latest service provides a fast and very cost effective method to view the very latest weather and ocean data on, and offline.

Whether you're a round the world racer or heading out for a day cruise you can rely on the quality of our data delivered directly to your MFD.