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A comprehensive and fully customisable fifth-generation development suite for third-party navigation software and hardware applications that require GRIB data overlays.

Our GRIB-SDK efficiently requests, display and analyses.
Modular design provides flexible integration choices.
SDK kernel for third party application integration.


A relatively simple and very efficient web-API/Web Mapping Service (WMS) producing on-the-fly map overlays for the exact area you require for each request. Producing an effective animation rate with lots of functionality and forecast parameters.

This is an extensively applied solution for our marine navigation app and fleet solution partners due to the simple integration and the highly visual and customisable nature of the API.

Data Portfolio

An extensive operational met-ocean data portfolio ensuring maritime sectors access the most accurate information available. Theyr optimisation processes, developed by our scientists add value and ensure our data provides unrivalled accuracy. Get the data you need, when you need it.

Theyr’s industry-leading RDAS data platform is built to manage high-fidelity, large scale, complex meteorological and oceanographic data-sets. Significantly reduce data transfer and data handling requirements while increasing access to the highest fidelity operational met-ocean forecast and hindcast global data-sets.

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Voyage Optimisation
Software module

High-Fidelity Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voyage Optimisation delivered via a Sprint collaboration project between the University of Southampton (UoS) and Theyr. Combining a decade of Genetic Algorithm (GA) R&D from the AI team at the UoS and Theyr’s highest fidelity met-ocean data to provide uniquely effective VOS. Modular design for third-party integration with VOS suite providers.

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Rapid Data Access Service

Significantly reduce data transfer and handling requirements while increasing access to the highest fidelity met-ocean forecast and hindcast global data sets.

  • RDAS provides the exact met-ocean parameter value for each specified location
  • Delivering ~1000 data points per millisecond.
  • Each data point provides multiple met-ocean parameters for historical or forecast route analysis.
  • Performs spatial and temporal bicubic interpolation between forecast grid points.
  • Ensures highly accurate route analysis.
  • Simple web-API access with mature documentation.

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